Erin Seabold"Tim Law has been assisting BFTS for awhile..working with our entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.   I hope you take advantage of the amazing opportunity he's cannot afford not to! "       

- Erin Seabold, Colorado


Renee Thomas


"I have already been working with Tim and he is wonderful and I highly recommend his services!!"       

- Renee Thomas, Colorado


"Tim, feel free to use anythign of mine for use in helping young people.  Enjoy the Books, Love and Light."  -- Dr. Wayne Dyer



"Hurrah, and WELL said on all counts, Tim.  Keep up the great work, my brother!"    -- Lt. Dave Grossman
~ Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, author of "Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill"  (a book against the violent point and shoot video games)
(In response to Tim's article titled "
Is this Quality Entertainment?" - media pollution of our children.) 



 "I've known Tim for over forty years.  From a very young age, he exhibited strong leadership traits and a dedication to the power of overcoming obstacles and continuous self-improvement.  I have utilized many of the lessons that I learned from Tim throughout my career in finance, higher education, and economic development."       
Roger Trabucco, Syracuse, NY


"I have observed Tim's positive interactions with students from various backgrounds.  His messages are well received by the students and he remains relentless with these high expectations for his students.  I am privileged to call him colleague and friend."   - Mike Alessandroni, Principal, Northeastern Middle School


Tim proved that one person could make a difference.  He has unique traits, empathy, the ability to listen, the ability to modify programs and a burning desire to help others that promote success.  I strongly recommend Mr. Law for any type of work in assisting students.  -- Dr. Robert Urzillo, Superintendent of Schools Conrad Weiser Area School District, Robesonia, PA


"I have known Tim Law for the 2004-05 school year, and during that period of time, I have found him to be a person of the highest caliber.  He often gives his free time to offer students one-on-one instruction, and is definitely a team player.  Aside from being honest, intelligent, and hard-working, he is extremely easy to get along with.  If you choose to contact Tim, I am sure you will find him a joy to work with."     -- Cpl Don Taylor,   School Resource Officer, Eastern Guildford Middle School, Gibsonville, NC