Going the Extra Mile

Welcome to another SLS ezine regarding accelerating your learning curve! As has been discussed in earlier issues, these ideas have become critical in our fast paced world. This month's ezine will deal with the importance of the HABIT OF GOING THE EXTRA MILE and how rare it is within our nation today. Very few people do this consistently which is exactly why WE SHOULD!

Think of it this way, if we truly want to stand out and be thought of as a person who can adapt to the challenges of modern life, what better way than to develop the reputation of someone known for SPEED AND DEPENDABILITY. It truly goes against our human nature of indecision and procrastination that we all possess. How much sense does it make to be like the crowd and then wonder why opportunities in this fast paced age continually pass us by?

Back in the early 1900's, Andrew Carnegie had a young foreman by the name of Charles Schwab who was in charge of his steel mills. One of Schwab's key traits was continually going the extra mile in everything he did for Mr. Carnegie and he was considered very valuable to the organization. Carnegie felt Schwab was so important to the Carnegie empire that he paid him an annual salary of $75,000. In addition, he was also given a yearly bonus of $1,000,000! Carnegie made sure that no one would hire Schwab away from him and both men had enormous loyalty toward each other.

This trait is just as important (or more so!) today as it was one hundred years ago. By doing more than is expected of you, it attracts the attention of other people who can help you move ahead in your life. It also lets us stand out among other people who don't practice this habit.

In this time of great change and accelerating learning curves, leveraging ourselves among other people with the habit of going the extra mile is one of the best ways to get on board with those who really understand how the world works. They know how to use many of the "invisible forces" to work for them and going the extra mile will absolutely put you on the right side of these forces!