As I have mentioned in previous ezines, I believe one of the greatest issues our society faces is the "mind pollution of the young." This ezine's goal is to understand and encourage the critical importance of "purifying the well." The well is a metaphor for our minds and the minds of our children, especially impressionable youngsters and teens. Hopefully, the information contained in this ezine will persuade more people to realize how critically important understanding and incorporating these principles will be for yourself and your loved ones. We would never deliberately poison our physical bodies by eating contaminated food or water. Doesn't it also make sense to avoid poisoning our minds?

"Purifying the Well" 
 Your success ticket, the reticular activating system! What is the r.a.s? It is the part of the brain that allows us to focus on what we are primarily thinking about and then bring more of this into our lives based on the law of attraction. This small portion of the mind exerts enormous influence over our lives and you will see what some of the advantages of using it productively can do for you or against you if you choose to use it negatively. The veil of secrecy is being lifted here to help you create tremendous opportunity and good for your life, if you will "purify the well." By this I mean, using our minds to focus on what we want (and what is truly good for us in the long run) and keeping our minds off of what we don't want (ie-what is truly bad for us in the long run)

 The Law of Attraction says we are a living magnet. We inevitably attract those people, things and circumstances based on our dominant thoughts. There is an excellent program on DVD called "The Secret" and it goes into incredible detail on this law. (You can access it by going to I very much encourage you to invest in this program. For thirty dollars you will discover something you will find to be life-changing!) One of the key speakers on The Secret tells how whatever we are saying or thinking is the same as putting out an order to the universe. She characterizes this as similar to placing an order in a restaurant. As we think, so we attract! How good is it for kids to be immersing themselves in the seamier side of the entertainment industry? Are the seeds of these no-conscience performers something we really want our children taking into their minds and attracting the corresponding misery over the long run?

 Let me be very clear and concise on exactly what I am referring to in purifying the well. They are ideas and efforts that move our lives forward toward our long term goals and provide value for society and ourselves. Setting positive goals in the areas of spiritual, family, physical, mental, financial, social and career should be priorities. The two main ways we feel good about ourselves are in our personal accomplishments and improving and using good interpersonal skills with others. What should we be avoiding? A diet of violent, explicit material from TV, movies, internet, etc. Nonstop entertainment is a huge time waster and needs to be reigned in if we are to make true progress in our lives. Protecting young children from the previously mentioned material is critical! Planting positive seeds is so important for the healthy development of children! Don't buy into the ridiculous notion (spouted by the greedy entertainment industry) that kids have to learn about life sometime. No, they need the opportunity to go through very important child development stages and be shielded from much of life's harsh realities for as long as possible! Anyone who thinks differently is invited to accompany me while we visit any number of alternative skills, juvenile lockups, etc. I have had the chance to personally work with some very challenging young people and I can show you the enormously damaging seeds that were planted on this portion of the population as children. I am not talking theory here but hands on experience! Trust me, you do not want young people under your care exposed to these devastating seeds that have destroyed many young lives!!! Any questions about "purifying the well?"

 Tim Law has a consulting/ coaching business known as Success Learning Systems. The mission of SLS is coaching teens and young adults on "cracking the code" for longterm success, prosperity and achievement. His contact information for high value events is within this newsletter. Call or email today and learn how you can schedule him for an unforgettable event!
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