Success Learning Systems Newsletter

June, 2007

Accelerating Your Learning Curve


In the last newsletter, a couple strategies to assist you in accelerating your

learning curve were listed. The main one encourages long term thinking in

our instant gratification society. If you gear your life to think long term,

you give yourself one of the very best edges toward success that I have

ever researched!

Back in the late 1980's, there was a social psychologist who

was roundly criticized by certain elements of our society for proposing the

following idea. He said that people who are moving ahead in their lives

tend to plan and think in terms of the long view of life. People who are

going backwards in life tend to be short term thinkers and very much

into instant gratification. This man took a lot of heat but as I continually

applied his template, it truly made sense!

By looking at what he had said and applying a teaching method I have

employed with lots of students, I was convinced he was on the right path.

That method is dealing in extremes to make a point and it fit his view very

well! The example I use of extremes has to do with someone who is

working and studying to become a medical doctor (or any high level

professional) vs. an individual who believes that using street drugs is the

way to go through life. It does not take a genius to figure out that these

two individuals are on very different pathways over the long run! It is

not even debatable and truly a no-brainer!!!!

Granted, many of the choices we make are not to this extreme level but

we need to ask this key question. How will this action or inaction effect

me long term? Too many people will opt for the short term feel good but

over time, that will lead to long term pain. Understanding this, we need

to reverse our "natural instincts" and work toward realizing that good

short term pain (ie-working out, eating less, staying patient under trying

conditions, etc) will allow us to move toward long term gain.

This being said, another key idea in this month's ezine has to do with

understanding and facing the fact of the "iron law of the universe" and

that is CAUSE AND EFFECT. This law basically says that for every

effect we are experiencing in our life there is a specific cause,


is the law is neutral. It does not matter if you are male or female, a

particular race or religion, it operates for all of us. For example, if

you jump off a tall building in New York or Mexico City, the results

for all of us will be the same. By the way, it's not the fall that kills you,

it's the sudden stop! (I know, I know that's an old one!)

Many people go through life thinking the Law of Cause and Effect

has no impact on them. Talk about self-delusion!!! It impacts all of

us equally. Always ask yourself, how will this action or inaction

effect me long term? There goes that darn long term thinking thing


It basically boils down to the development of good habits because

if we groove good habits over time, it will lead to a much higher

quality of life and if we groove bad habits, well, you get the point.

People put way too much stock into good luck and bad luck. Put

your stock into good habits and watch your life truly take off in a

very positive way!


Tim Law has a business known as Success Learning Systems

which is designed to help teens and young adults "crack the

code" on prosperity, success and achievement. He is very open

to working with others with joint ventures, aka, strategic alliances

that will help this group and also be beneficial financially to those

who assist is this process.




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