In the last of the five parts of Dr. Saxman's book, Boys Adrift, the section on medications for ADD/ADHD will be discussed as to why it is having an impact on young boys in our nation. In the SHORT RUN, these medications will have a calming effect on a child who previously seemed too energetic or hyperactive. As a teacher who has worked with a large number of students, I have personally seen this effect. Is the classroom management easier with kids who have been "drugged" with Ritalin? Absolutely, and this is why many teachers push for these "meds."

In my view, if these student's energy can be positively channeled, they have enormous potential for doing a great deal of good with their lives. As a former wrestling coach, I was involved with some of the highest energy, hyper kinds of students. By channeling them in a sport that demands huge energy expenditures, these individuals contributed very positively to the school environment by accomplishing a high level task, competing in wrestling matches.

According to Dr. Saxman, his studies and research show a number of negative LONG TERM effects of these "meds" for ADD, ADHD. What he has found is how they can quickly cause a child to become physically lazy, apathetic and lacking in drive and motivation. Does anyone really believe this is a good thing? This research was done jointly with Tufts University, UCLA and Brown University. None of these schools are considered lightweights when it comes to research and their findings have enormous impact in this area.

On page 91 of Saxman's book, he discusses various parts of the brain that show how video games have a similar effect as ADHD medications. Saxman refers to their result on seven to fourteen year old boys as "frying the brain."

Anything that is shown to disrupt the motivational center of the brain (whether video games or medications) should be avoided. I am of the belief that small doses of video games may not have this negative effect but the true challenge with these is their addictive nature. Young, impressionable minds can not be relied on to determine, much less cut back on these games. They are marketed to create a desire for more, more, more! These same minds are also unable to express the effect these medications are doing to them. We should be more concerned about a child's motivational center than we currently are. We need to channel our young boy's minds in a better way than strictly medicating them.

Next month: An ongoing summary from the S.M.A.R.T. Program that is designed to reduce violence in our schools. I am privileged to be attending a two day training on this in Michigan on June 13th and 14th.

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