Perhaps the biggest challenge in our society today, in my opinion, is the "mind pollution of the young." Our kids are being continually bombarded with all kinds of explicit and violent imagery. We allow people into our home via the television, internet, etc. that we would never allow to walk in the front door.
Why high standards?
  Positive modeling is doing the same things as someone who has achieved a positive result in their life. We can literally attain almost any goal in our life by following the "recipe" or strategies of another person in modeling their belief systems, actions and sequence of actions. Unfortunately, in our nation today, we are all exposed to a great deal of negative modeling that comes to us from all forms of the media. Understanding and holding ourselves to higher standards is what this newsletter is all about. The main reason is higher standards will lead to a much better quality of life for us longterm. In an age when there are so many poor examples being shown to our young people, it is the right thing to do on their behalf. It is so important to realize and understand the power of our minds and to know the key trait of the subconscious mind. It can not tell the difference between good or bad, true or false, REAL OR VIVIDLY IMAGINED, it only records and stores information. There are four main ways we all take in information, other people, the electronic media, reading material and our spiritual beliefs. If any of these are coming from a source that is negative, we will program ourselves in a way that will not serve us well in the long run of our lives. We also have to be aware of the seeds we are allowing to be planted in the minds of young people whose minds are still being formed well up into the teen years.
Setting an example for our children
 Regarding our children, we are always planting positive or negative seeds by what they are exposed to. The younger the child, the more potential damage will occur if they are exposed to negative information and potential good if they are given positive models. As an example, it is no accident that Tiger Woods is the level of golfer that he is because his father (a Green Beret and Vietnam vet) had a great understanding of the subconscious mind. Before Tiger could walk, he was watching his father swing a golf club perfectly in the garage of their home. Young Tiger would beg his father to let him do this but his father held him back until he had the necessary motor skills to do this at about two-three years old. When he finally was allowed to swing the club, it was literally perfect! Why? His dad understood the power of the human mind and helped Tiger in his very young years make incredible neuron connections in a socially acceptable field.
 Doesn't it also make sense if a young child or teen is exposed to violent or explicit material that they will be "hardwired" to move in those socially unacceptable directions? The Hollywood/entertainment field will try to deny this but it is denying the law of cause and effect. What is planted in the mind will ultimately bear some form of fruit in our lives and the lives of our children. When we look at it from this perspective, doesn't it make sense that we all work to increase our personal standards, self-discipline and expectations that will improve the quality of our lives? To not do so and expect a good life is truly self-delusion!
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Tim Law
Success Learning Systems