Over the last several months, I have covered an outstanding book by Dr. Leonard Sax, "Boys Adrift." It deals with the five factors that he believes are increasing the number of unmotivated boys in our nation. The previous issues dealt with the effects of violent video games, the devaluation of masculinity and endocrine disruptors interfering with male hormones.

This month will feature Dr. Sax's observations on teaching methods and how they are negatively impacting young boys. Dr. Sax has studied how boys were taught a few decades ago as compared to how it is occurring today.

As an example, he discusses how boys experienced kindergarten more than twenty years ago. Kindergarten (a German word for children's garden) used to be primarily play, singing, coloring, physical activities, etc. Although I was in kindergarten many years ago, I do remember what I liked about it the most. It was fun! Even after all these years, I can still recall enjoying my time there. This is no longer true for many of today's boys.

What has changed over the last few decades? Kindergarten has turned into a whole lot more reading, writing and work. What is wrong with that you may ask? Dr. Sax's studies have shown that children in kindergarten are doing work that used to start in first grade. Boys in kindergarten are generally five years old. Their brains are not ready for first grade work. Creating this level of anxiety for a boy's first school experience is causing many challenges for them. Dislike for school, frustration due to not being capable of this level and early burnout are just a few of the things Dr. Sax discusses.

His recommendation, either the schools should make kindergarten what it was designed to be originally, that is, a fun, low stress place for kids to play, learn certain things and interact socially. He does not have a lot of faith in schools doing this. His other solution is encouraging parents to hold their sons out of school and kindergarten until age six. This is probably the most realistic solution.

When you combine all the factors Dr. Sax has researched, it becomes clear that parents must take an informed lead in their son's education. In these times of rapid change and high levels of competition, our young boys are in great need of proper help and guidance. Their futures and ours depend on it!

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Success Learning Systems is a business run by Tim Law of York, PA. It involves a variety of strategies, ideas and methods to help people and businesses tap much more of their potential by accelerating their learning curves in a variety of areas. Tim continues to promote individuals and groups with win-win joint venture, strategically profitable alliances.
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