Accelerating your Learning Curve

An initial solution


The following ideas will help you cut through the information explosion

we are all experiencing. Have you ever felt you are trying to swim up

Niagara Falls with everything that is coming at you on a daily basis? Would

if you could learn a few techniques that would allow you to accelerate your

ability to effectively absorb key information? What you are about to learn

can make that difference-today!!!!


The focus of this article will cover a key success principle and will

make a huge difference in your life as you apply it. Some of these you

may be familiar with and some you may not. The initial thought has to do

with understanding how our culture in our nation has progressed over the

last three decades. What truly is astounding is how quickly all the

information is doubling! With Google, Microsoft, MacIntosh and others

leading the way, we are literally being pulled faster and faster into the


I am part of the baby boom generation (those individuals born between

1946-1964) and the changes are amazing! For example, our generation

has more in common as we grew up as children with how our parents,

grandparents and great grandparents grew up in their childhood than

with the kids born in the 70's, 80's and 90's! Think about all the different

forms of technology that have exploded since the mid to late 1980's

and what this younger generation has grown up with. They take to

computers, video games, electronics like fish to water. This generation

continues to teach us older folks how to work the ipods, computers,

etc. Never before in human history has the younger generation

taught older people all the things as they are today! Astounding!!!

How do we successfully navigate these large number of changes

for our peace of mind, prosperity and managing our time? The

idea I will discuss here is the opposite of our instant gratification,

quick fix society and that is the principle of LONG TERM THINKING.

Why is this so important? Anything worthwhile in life will take time

to grow and develop. Would you want your personal doctor to

shortcut through his training that you expect them to have? How

about the farmer who grows our food? Do they merely throw

seeds on the ground and get an instant crop? Both scenarios

are ridiculous, aren't they? Until we recognize how the media,

internet, computers, etc. cultivate and encourage short term

thinking, we will continually be caught in the "I have to have

it now" trap.

Always ask yourself this question when looking into making any

of the choices in your life, "how will this effect me long term." If

you are honest with yourself in your answer, you will begin to

make much better decisions and choices in your life. Avoid the

trap of instant gratification that the masses of people in our nation

have been pulled into. Set your personal standards higher and

expect more for yourself! You deserve the best life has to offer!

Next month: An additional tip on accelerating your learning curve.


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